Events officer
Reception, security and directing the public

H-Sécurité works with big public events and has set up a special events team for this purpose.

All the officers are supplied with a walkie-talkie and an earpiece in order to be in constant communication with their superior, the security coordinator.

The profiles have been specially selected according to their skills. Their mission is to direct and inform the public, control entrances but also to manage any outbursts or disturbances during the event.

The selected officers therefore work with a great deal of diplomacy and reserve to avoid any possible altercations.

H-Sécurité Added Value :

Within the framework of your events, calling on two complementary services while having a single point of contact is not only a considerable advantage, but also saves a considerable amount of time for organisations who organise a lot of events.

Don’t hesitate to call on H-Sécurité to take care of controlling access points and the security of the public and infrastructures, etc., and on H-Services for your requirements in hostesses, coordinators, stewards, parking boys, drivers, etc. Together, H-Sécurité and H-Services form Hs-group and for your events, we offer complete control thanks to the global management of staff and one and the same point of contact.

A single briefing, one manager and the same instructions for two different types of services that are nevertheless entirely complementary.

Hs-group has already taken care of organising big events on a number of occasions, such as well-known tennis tournaments, by providing more than 50 members of staff a day for a ten-day period.

  • Training: Checking people
  • Walkie-talkie / earpiece
  • Complete and autonomous management
  • Uniform: Suit and tie
  • Intervention in case of an outburst