Stationary officers M/F

The main mission of our stationary officers is prevention and, of course, intervention if necessary.

We are active in:

  • The retail sector (for instance, some ten shops only in the Rue Neuve in Brussels),
  • In the industry sector: checks with a metal detector, checking people as they come out,
  • In the construction sector: presence on building sites.

H-Sécurité Added Value :

Our experience in various domains is undeniably an added value. We know how to adapt our instructions and our officers’ missions depending on the type of site.

We are one of the only security firms in Belgium to invest in “quality control”, providing one visit a week per site by one of our inspectors.

The aim is to maintain a “hands on” contact with our officers, so that we can note down any requests or questions. It also allows us to ensure the officers’ uniforms are impeccable as well as their overall presentation (clean-shaven…).

A report is then handed over to the Account Manager who decides which actions need to be taken to ensure they match the briefing received by the customer.

At H-Sécurité, you sign up for security services but also for a real "hands on" relationship with our inspectors and a relationship based on "commercial trust" with our Account Managers.

We therefore become partners and our duty is to maintain contact, a permanent relationship that will allow us to win your trust and you to gain proactive actions/reactions to meet your needs.

  • Training: Tobback training and checking people
  • Multilingual if required
  • Uniform: Suit, tie or specific clothing