Parking attendant

This activity consists of making a report regarding incivility and illegal parking.

Our officers will report on illegally parked vehicles immediately. Administrative fines are then collected by the public organisation in force.

H-Sécurité is already active in:

  • The commune of Evere,
  • The commune of Schaerbeek,
  • Part of the commune of Saint-Josse,
  • Soignies.

The officers given this job have received the appropriate training in how to draw up a report, in addition to the basic « Tobback Law » training.

H-Sécurité Added Value :

H-Sécurité has been active in this domain for three years. It has acquired proven experience and the number of collaborations is growing.

We currently have 15 officers a day, 7/7, two supervisors, and three vehicles that drive around the streets allocated to us in the communes listed above.

Mobile security
Whether you employ us to open and close offices, intervene after an alarm has gone off or for daily patrols, our mission is essentially focused on observation:

Are there any suspicious elements present? Are there signs of a break-in, vandalism, theft…, or other elements to check in agreement with the building's owner? Our patrol teams record their observations in a report that will be sent to you within 24 hours and if more urgent action needs to be taken, we will of course establish, together, who needs to be contacted according to the problem observed.

This will allow us to act immediately and then give you a detailed account of the various actions undertaken.

  • Training: Writing reports
  • Uniform: Specific clothing