Security receptionist M/F
Checking people coming in and out

The mission of the security receptionist is to look after the site’s reception desk while putting the emphasis on security.

The aim is to create a subtle mix between reception work, directing visitors and checking access to the building.

As the job title indicates, the security receptionist greets people but also acts as a deterrent to any unwelcome intrusions.

The proposed profiles therefore combine reception work, courteousness, administrative support and security.

All these skills are required to guarantee an excellent service at your reception desk.

H-Sécurité Added Value :

As a real competitor in the security sector, we have been able to build numerous long-term collaborations and obtain the trust of leading group in the property and facility management markets (multi-tenant office buildings).

We also have other collaborations with sensitive industrial sites and with extremely precise instructions.

The key to our success, in all sectors, clearly lies in our added values:

On the one hand, the choice of profiles, who are scrupulously selected after carefully listening to the customer's requirements.

And on the other hand, our Account Managers, who also provide a personalised service. This is real point of honour for H-Sécurité and one of the reasons we have such excellent relations with our customers: trust and proactiveness being their main characteristics.

  • Training: Checking people
  • Multilingual
  • Instructions set up jointly between the customer and the account manager who takes care of follow-up on a daily basis.
  • Uniform: Suit and tie
  • Computer skills
  • Providing computer equipment