Store detective
Prevention, observation and detection of theft in civilian clothing

The presence of a store detective is repressive rather than dissuasive. Unlike stationary officers in uniform, clearly posted at the shop entrance, detectives are present without being recognisable to customers or your staff.

Their mission is aimed at recuperating stolen goods and to convey a clear message to thieves caught red-handed.

They also manage all the administrative side associated with shoplifting, and support and advise you in your approaches.

At the end of every month, you will receive a complete breakdown showing you the number of reports made, the amounts recuperated, and the administrative costs paid.

H-Sécurité Added Value :

We offer this type of service in more than 20 stores throughout Belgium. We have been voted “best security company, in terms of the number of reports/hour, interventions and amount of goods recovered” several times.

We are active in the food and tools sectors in Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia and the Province of Liège.

  • Training: Store detective
  • Discretion: Irregular hours, staff rotation
  • Uniform: Civilian clothing
  • Precise breakdown of the results