• Greeting visitors and announcing their arrival
  • Recording visitors in the visitor logs
  • Looking after calls and dispatching
  • Receiving parcels and keeping a log to ensure traceability
  • Managing and distributing the mail
  • Proactiveness and calls to subcontractors for various problems (lift breaking down, etc…)

H-Services Added Value :

In the property management sector, our customers receive various reports every day:

  • Start of shift
  • Activity report, end of shift

These are sent to the building manager (and customer) as well as a copy to the Account Manager, who ensures and supervises the proper execution of the tasks on a daily basis.

  • Multilingual profile
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook…)
  • Uniform: Black suit, white shirt, scarf. (If you don’t wish staff to wear uniform, we will ask our receptionists to wear a “business” outfit, excluding trainers or jeans).