Parking Control

Our agents immediately detect the cars in default of parking. The administrative fines are then collected by the public body in force.

Parking Control

This activity consists of making a finding for incivility and parking defect.

Our agents immediately detect the cars in default of parking. The administrative fines are then collected by the public body in force.

The agents assigned to this position have received training in “making a statement of offence”, in addition to the basic training for security guards.

Our added value:

H-Sécurité has more than 10 years of experience and can count on several agents per day, 7/7 days a week, station chiefs, and vehicles that travel the streets assigned to us.

Training: Making findings

Uniform: Dress code

Any questions?

H-Sécurité FAQ’s

Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions

What are the response times?

H-Security offers you the possibility to set up effective security services in less than 24 hours.

Thus we strive to meet the security needs of our customers in less than 24 hours and this without impacting the quality of our services.

Why use a security company?

There are many reasons to use an approved security company. In addition to being approved by the Ministry of the Interior, they are the only ones authorised to provide security services. Moreover, H-Sécurité can intervene on different sites such as industrial and commercial premises, events, etc.

Without forgetting that you will have the assurance that the services will be carried out in an efficient and qualitative way.

Thus your workers will be able to concentrate on their tasks and work with peace of mind.

What type of security company to choose?

When choosing a security company, it can be tedious to choose the type of security company because of the abundance of security companies on the market.

It is essential to make sure that the guards you provide have a ministerial licence to operate. This card is therefore compulsory to work as a security agent on Belgian territory.

Moreover, given the number of security guard jobs that exist, it is essential that your contact person be able to guide you through the different specialties of the profession, based on a prior risk analysis of your organization.

Who is H-Security for?

Every company must be able to mitigate its risks and safety is one of the risks that must be mitigated. And the best way to do this is to outsource it to an approved company such as H Sécurité for whom safety is the core business.

Among the risks that a company may face are risks of theft, violence, damage, etc.

Faced with these H-Security risks, you will have adequate solutions to respond effectively. Our experience within companies, stores, events, industrial sites, etc., will allow you to be supported by an experienced company.