What is facility management? Know everything !

All about Facility Management

Facility Management brings together all the support activities that contribute to the smooth running of the business, namely, human resources management, financial management and logistics.

Principle of Facility Management

Facility management, also called general services, is also defined by all the actions taken to promote the smooth running of a business. It can be delegated to staff or outsourced to an outside consultant, in which case, Facility Management offers much better results. Many companies prefer to outsource the task and focus on their core business. Facility Management optimizes the
staff by pooling tasks.

The outsourcing of Facility Management is particularly suitable for VSEs or SMEs that do not wish to increase their workforce. Mail management, building maintenance, security control or cleaning, all these tasks are included in these general services.

What are the different tasks of Facility Management?

A company can outsource several tasks at the same time, starting with activities that ensure the security and installation of the company’s infrastructure. We can cite the example of the maintenance of installations such as electricity, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installations, safety equipment or even elevators. Building maintenance is also part of Facility Management, among other things, everything related to construction, coating, building security. Other aspects of Facility Management are the maintenance of green spaces, the cleaning service, the babysitting service and the staff catering service.

Facility management can also affect areas of logistics such as management of delivery, storage and arrivals. The transport of personnel, mail, products as well as service vehicles are also included in the said tasks.

The Facility Manager, in brief

Concretely, the Facility Manager has the function of ensuring the good management of the general services of the company for which he works. Its main mission is therefore to provide a pleasant working environment for employees, to ensure that health and safety standards are respected. And finally, it ensures that the ratio between price and quality of service is balanced.

The Facility Manager must be versatile. He must master all the techniques for managing the working environment, for example, building maintenance and upkeep, internet security. It must also be up to date on the monitoring of the company’s budget. Dynamism, thinking skills, interpersonal skills are the criteria that a person must have to become a Facility Manager.

source : www.cgcenergie.ch

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